Meet Kitty, a 21 year old first timer from Staines, Middlesex.

Kitty admits to doing some crazy arse things in her 21 years “but nothing like this!” she says.
After replying to our online ad for models and nervously sending off a couple of photos she didn’t really expect to hear anything back let alone find herself facing our cameras just a week later.
“I sort of got talked into it. My friend told me it would be easy but I don’t see her here!” says Kitty with a smile.

With water gently cascading over her lovely pert breasts and nipples Kitty gives her reasons for doing the shoot and explains why it’ll probably be a one off.
“It’s something I’ve thought about a lot” she says “the money’s a bonus really as I’ve wanted to do it for ages, I just had to build up the courage and once I got your e-mail there was no turning back”

As Kitty rose from the water and gently parted her pussy lips with her fingers I moved in to capture the beautiful sight up close and felt my cock press firmly against the inside of my trousers.
“I’ll have you back anytime you want” I said, “and your friend”

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