Scarlet is without doubt proving to be one of the most popular girls on Suburban Amateurs with her sexy Welsh accent and stunning curves but what a difference between her first and subsequent shoots.
For Scarlets first shoot she was unshaven and hairy, completely natural with a full bush of pubic hair that had never seen a razor and grew out the side of her knickers, a rare sight these days.

Scarlet sporting a natural, hairy cunt

Scarlet sporting a hairy cunt

or her follow up shoots she arrived smooth shaven, not a pubic hair in sight.

Scarlet with a shaven pussy

Scarlet with a shaven pussy

Now, call me old fashioned but if I had a choice I’d choose the natural, hairy look every time.  There’s something extra sexy about a girl with pubic hair that does it for me every time, even more so now that it’s such a rarity.
So come on girls, let your pubes grow thick and bushy!
Throw out those razors and let us see you and your beautiful, hairy pussy as nature intended!

I know some guys prefer bald, or neatly trimmed (that’s not such a bad thing!) but what’s your preference?
Leave a comment and let me know.
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